Motivation Goals Time Planning

Courses are based on individual coaching and teaching at your convenience and often by video conference or chat as well as support via email.

Workshops can be set up bespokely for business and corporations and at your work place and or a convenient central location and this can be discussed on request.

Goal planning and effective use of strategy

The course and workshop tutorial covers how to use systems that suit you to produce mini, short, mid range and long range goals using proven techniques that define and encompass all aspects of your life and how they flow together, your career planning and in fact in all life areas, as you have a whole life to balance and so actualisation of goals and reward systems is essential.

All this is achieved by using time served and proven strategies to define and achieve your goals in career, personal, relationship and other key focuses in your life.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn how to set productive goals using proven techniques for the short, mid and long term in all life areas so you maintain balance and obtain the outcomes, goals and desires you are worthy of.
  • Learn to discipline and stick to your goals and not procrastinate and put of set realistic goals and a system that works for your style of organisation.
  • Learn how to set realistic and time strategic goals that will be achieved.

  • Learn rewards for goal setting action and how this works in our brains and how reward system works so that we may feel accomplished and satisfied in our achievements.
  • Learn to actualise real goals, with a real agenda and with the correct foundation for success and formulate strategies that work for fulfilment of your goals and ultimately start accomplishing them.

"Thanks so much Think Success team for your help with goal setting and stopping procrastinating, It's made a big difference in my personal and professional life" says Anna

Developing Motivation and Passion in the workplace, preventing Job burnout

The course and workshop tutorial covers how to use techniques, how to motivate you and your team and get the results and learn how inspire inner fire to produce good work using techniques that cultivate this delivery. Motivated people are happy people and have a structure, reason and a passion, about aspects of your work that keep you on track. You won’t be inspired by every aspect of work learn to recognise what you do feel inspired about and why and move away from burnout.

Passion and motivation are a mind trip and one that can be taught to bring pleasure back into work. Learn how ‘not’ to burn out on the job but to keep the ignition alive. Learn to love your workplace job and the people within it really it can be done.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn techniques to keep your motivation and inspiration alive in the workplace.
  • Learn how motivation and inner drives can keep you happy in the workplace and how to motivate your employees and fellow colleagues’ for more harmony in the workplace.

  • Learn to de-stress with knowledge and not burn out and what burns you out and how to strategise against it. Learn to recognise the first signs of burnout lack of motivation and stop it there and then and take control back.
  • Learn to cultivate passion and reason to work productively and enjoy this experience.

"Thanks so much think success team for your help with stress management, you've been so helpful!" says Lewis

Using Creativity, Imagination to understand a better way of thinking by using your binaural thinking abilities to solve problems

The course and workshop tutorial covers how to use creative and right brain, binaural thinking  to create answers and thinking around problems imaginatively, so you have more options to problems in the workplace whether a manager, director, CEO or employee enhancing  your creative flow and problem solving abilities. This will help thinking with strategies, marketing, brainstorming, mind mapping or producing a new product or reinventing an old one whether marketing, producing a new product or simply reinventing aspects of your business.

Creative flow and imagination when utilised open new possibilities and those who can create new concepts that can lead from the front ahead of competition and out-thinking problems and finding new innovative strategies.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn to use creativity and imagination just like a proverbial ‘Einstein’ to open original thought, or use synthetic reordered thinking to achieve outcomes that are new and innovative.
  • Learn to allow abstractivity and free flow of ideas to beat the competition whether producing a new marketing campaign or new idea to project business forward.

  • Learn to open the imagination flood gates with known creative techniques to solve problems laterally.
  • Learn to out-think and strategies outside of your perceived limits.

Handling Stress and work overload successfully

The course and workshop tutorial covers how to use the correct way to handle stress, break down problems effectively, and learn to time manage and gain knowledge delegation and a breakdown of work assignments using proven techniques. Learn how to work this effectively and this will enhance your work life and work load.

By using techniques to manage your workload without feeling overwhelmed again by using proven time served techniques that work around the mind set and problems of too much work, too little time and too much expectation. Know how to stop this overwhelm and overload that turns into stressors, which in turn progresses to illness and fatigue, understand how to mental compartmilise and to maximise and even enjoy the challenges presented.

Learn to regain control of your health, time and mindset around stress and overload

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn the correct strategies to handle stress and overload, so your work is productive and not overwhelming you.
  • Learn time management and effective communication skills to gain the outcome you want
  • Learn to pace and use your time and priorities well and keep the correct mental mindset

  • Learn delegation skills so you can spread your workload.
  • Learn what causes burnout and how to avoid it.
  • Learn how to work out stress, overwhelm and insufficient resources management and use what you have effectively reducing stress.
  • Learn the ‘Golden hour’ principle.


"Would defo recommend Think Success, they've been such a big help with stress management and getting organised and I'm doing much better in my job, thanks guys" says Andre

Balancing work and Your Personal Life

The course and workshop tutorial covers how to use priorities’ and proven techniques that allow balance and harmony within your family, your work and personal life as a whole and by manufacture them by working effectively together, so you have peace of mind and better health strategies. You can learn to do this using enhancement tools that improve your life as a whole and the organisation skills that work to run a busy life and busy schedule.

There are techniques and mental programmes that can be run as well as practical application in planning that can help you run a balance in this very busy life we all lead.

These can be transferred and used productively time and time again.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn to prioritise your life correctly and gain effective balance in work and in your personal life bringing health and more harmony.
  • Learn to balance your work personal life balance using goals and set parameters effectively using key techniques.
  • Learn to be assertive say No and assert your parameters and prioritise those decisions.

  • Learn to use enhancement tools to make your life easier.
  • Learn better organisational skills and how to use them to enhance time resources and financial resources.
  • Learn techniques to instill peace of mind and one mind techniques.

Smart thinking, creative thinking and learning which thinking style you use

The course and workshop tutorial covers how to use creative and different thinking styles, find out which one you think like which style f thinking you use predominantly and think smarter. Find answers to problems you’re facing in the workplace and your personal life, by using creative and different thinking styles that we all possess and do not realise that we have.

Each of us has different learning styles and different thinking patterns that make up the way we take in the world. We can learn to utilise these ways of thinking creatively and make our decisions faster, sharper, more decisive, assertive and smart and make them work for us in everyday life and work in every day scenarios.

We can create solutions to produce different answers to difficult problems. We can learn how to access the imagination and creative thinking realm and think outside the box with lateral thinking to allow more into your life and work scenario and use our natural thinking styles and combined learning style to make smart decisions.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn to use smart and clear thinking and decision making and learn how to do this to enhance your life using your thinking style and creative abilities using techniques to discover how to use it.
  • Learn to make smart choices using your learning style and creative abilities, using proven techniques to discover how you use it.

  • Learn to handle stress and clear thinking, without anxiety clouding your judgement using decision making techniques suited to your style.
  • Learn to use your right brain imagination and thinking to unleash hidden answers to solve problems using your newly discovered way of processing the world around you.
  • Learn to be assertive, clearer thinking to get to the outcome faster.