Leadership and Management

Leadership, Team Management and Personal Development Courses and Workshops

Courses are based on individual coaching and teaching at your convenience and often by video conference or chat, as well as support via email.

Workshops can be set up bespokely for business and corporations and at your work place and or a convenient central location and this can be discussed on request.

We offer key note speaking for corporate events please enquire here for further details

Team work and Making the Team work for You and Your company

This course and workshop tutorial helps you as an individual, and or your team to gain an understanding of your personality type and your weaknesses and strengths, the team members weakness and strengths, so you may better place them in roles they can flourish and be of benefit to the team and business. By implementing better understanding of how to help your employee or yourself to become more effective and happier in the workplace and so this will help you to manage your workload and your team better, whether you’re a team leader/supervisor/or manager so that things run smoothly and without disruption and drama.

Personal tutorial available.

We also Workshops are available on request for small or large teams taught by experienced tutors who are able to teach in a constructive and effective method, using the right techniques for the individual and team audience.

Workshops are available on request for small or large teams taught by experienced tutors able to teach in a constructive and effective method, using the right techniques for the individual and audience. Please enquire to find out more for a bespoke free consultation.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn and understand who you are and what personality type in an easy to remember method and learn to evaluate your team’s strengths and weakness as individuals and how their personality mix works in the group dynamics. Learn how to help them to become more motivated and effective as team players using this understanding.
  • Learn how to handle others effectively and negotiate with them, to get the best results from your team.
  • Learn to handle customers effectively so they are happy with your service and how to negotiate difficult circumstances and people effectively to obtain the best outcomes.

  • Learn to handle difficult people and situations, so they do not escalate in the workplace, by understanding people’s motives and how to diffuse them and then motivate correctly to gain productivity within the team.
  • Learn to inspire and use their motives correctly and direct people without any dramas.
  • Learn to make the team work smoothly and everyone become a team player using their strengths to support one another.
  • Learn to effectively share the workload in a structure proven way using people’s strengths and resources.

"Think Success have been so helpful with my ability in the area of public speaking and working with my team in work! Thanks guys" says Jed

Empowerment Training for Leaders

The course and workshop tutorial covers how to use assertive and confident decision making procedures which are time proven, you can train leadership skills to emerge and your leaders, managers and team leaders to take responsibility and give direction easily. Learn how to assert, make confident, correct decisions and gain respect from your team by leading from the front with purpose and strategy. This will lead you towards better career opportunities making your management role easier, as you provide a strong structure of empowerment within your team.

Learning outcomes

  • Learn to become an effective leader, who earns respect and leads from the front.
  • Learn to make positive recruitment decisions and benefit from strong recruitment process.
  • Learn to manage your team, people and your resources by using confidence in your leadership decision making.

  • Learn to motivate and manage leadership meetings, to get the best out of people and gain a productive team willing to work on solutions and not be a part of the problem.
  • Learn to bring your emerging leaders on so they can take effective responsibility
  • Use time served principles to gain effective leaders in the workplace and corporation.
  • Learn to harmonise your team and their collective efforts.

"Thanks so much for your help gaining confidence in my new managerial role" says Scott

Leadership Skills and Leading effective team meetings

The course and workshop tutorial covers how to successfully use the tools to show and lead your group or team meeting, down a path of mutual discovery, whilst gaining input from the group aiding the productivity of your meeting and gaining positive constructive outcomes.

You will develop better ideas and synergise with your colleagues or staff members or even as an outsourced speaker or supporting other departments at work using proven techniques to develop the room and deliver key points. So as the saying goes ‘two heads are better than one’ this strategy and further strategy gives the team more performance and enhances your leadership qualities you will learn how to develop a great presentation and people strategy when delivering your team meetings.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn to enhance your effective use of meetings to gain insight and move work situations forward progressively.
  • Learn to run a meeting with clear objectives and clear outcomes.
  • Learn to use effective tools to present your team meeting and get clear input from the team themselves.
  • Learn to command the room and gain respect so your message is clear and understood.

  • Learn to present your agenda so it’s received well and then articulated and correctly executed by the team members and management.
  • Learn to use your man management skills and gain ideas and feedback that are constructive from your team members.

Learn how to manage your Manager or Boss well

The course and workshop tutorial covers how to use strategies to work together toward a mission or common goal with your management and understand the agendas, how to follow through on protocol and directives from the top and delivered to maximise efficiency and with more stress free handling of the directives.

Learn how to get along with pressure from the top in management and how to handle it, how to handle possible differences of opinion, or political misunderstandings with your management or boss. Handle personality clashes and learn to put your thoughts over concisely when time is limited and deadlines high. Use man management resources, by using techniques to manager your manger or boss and how to enhance your input and your career progression, by using your understanding of personality and position carefully.

Use effective time proven strategy to control positive outcomes as a man manager or as a team leader or part of a workforce.

Learning outcomes

  • Learn to handle pressured situations when being squeezed from the top and squeezed from the bottom, whilst handling key responsibilities.
  • Learn to negotiate your position even when dealing with personality clashes, or time limited scenarios.
  • Learn to deliver you agenda clearly and without friction every time to get the outcome you want.

  • Learn to use the scenarios to your advantage and out think the problems.
  • Learn to use man management resources to your advantage.
  • Learn to deliver agendas clearly and without misunderstanding ensuring your progression in your profession.

Leadership Laws and how they work for you

The course and workshop tutorial covers how to understand the Leadership laws these laws are time proven, by most self made and wealthy  individuals, celebrities/public figures, as well as effective leaders in business such as CEO’s and heads of departments as well as management. Understand how to apply these fundamental cornerstones, learn what they are and how to use them effectively as a leader. Learn to become or enhance the leader of your team, or your company and lead it into the forefront of today’s industry and commerce led world.

These laws are time proven by most self made and wealthy individuals as a well as celebrities and leaders the world over and they apply these laws to gain greater success and wealth for themselves and their respective business or chosen career ascent.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn time served leadership principles that applied by successful mentors and wealthy knowledgeable leaders in all fields.
  • Learn what it takes to become a leader today and how to influence the business market using these principles.

  • Learn how you will benefit from leadership principles in your life and work and use them effectively.
  • Learn to lead you team or company into a profitable commercial place and develop yourself into a stronger position as a leader and so others follow.
  • Learn to develop better strategies and abilities to direct large corporations and the employees under your management.

Entrepreneurship understand the fundamental cornerstones of how business works and how to market yourself

The course and workshop tutorial covers how to use the basics of business set up and strategy from inception to marketability and through to successful delivery of your service or idea, so that it becomes a marketable commodity. Learn how to use tools and resources to become a branded and well marketed commodity, product or service.

In the internet age learn how to effectively set up your business and entrepreneurial model by using known resources for investment, mentoring knowledge and by using social media and commercial awareness effectively to get your business model out there and drive custom to it.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn to set a basic business model from the start and implement it effectively.
  • Learn what key aspects you need to strategise a great business plan and execute it.
  • Learn to set plans and set goals effectively so you meet your agenda’s and goals.

  • Learn marketing strategy and how to use the market place to promote your business and gain a first-rate customer base.
  • Learn where to find resources to help and support your business and new entrepreneurial venture.
  • Learn to use mentorship and guidance so your venture is successfully guided by years of wisdom in the business field.

How to deliver captivating presentations

The course and workshop tutorial covers how to use compelling and charismatic, as well as time proven presentation techniques that captivate an audience and learn to tell an immersive and poignant story that immerses your audience, whether large or small. Learn to speak clearly and remember the key note and poignancy of your talk so the audience will remember them.

This leads to confidence and proven techniques of engaging the audience and overcoming fears of speaking that you may have using techniques again that allow for ‘nerves,’ so time and time again you can produce, productive outcomes and confident presentations that work every time.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn to organise and deliver strong content.
  • Learn to project to your audience and use charisma by telling stories that relate
  • Learn to deliver poignancy when presenting to an audience

  • Learn to use techniques that keep the audience on point
  • Learn to deliver confident productive presentations, that are remembered and the key points used productively by the audience.
  • Learn to gain confidence and use techniques that work time and time again.

Introduction to the UK Career and Business Market

The course and workshop tutorial covers how to learn about the UK market and how it commercially works, where to train and who with, whether you’re looking for a chosen career field, or looking to set up an enterprise, or work for a corporation. Moving or coming to the UK can be a daunting prospect and so being ‘guided by wire’ as to how to successfully work and live here can benefit you as an easy transition. So by learning the rules in the UK and how to apply them and by knowing the pitfalls, as well s the how to climb to the summit we can help you.

This is a bespoke course if you are looking to train, find a career in an industry sector, or set up in business or enterprise, we can guide you to the correct path, places to go and the how too of how it works in the UK market place.

Learning Outcomes

  • How to set up in the UK the benefits of the UK Market
  • How to set up in the UK and where to find the correct resources to suit the life you want such as training, career paths and work as well as setting up enterprise.

  • What industry sectors are hiring and what is expected?
  • Where to invest and how to set up as an entrepreneur.
  • Work the rules correctly to benefit you.
  • Where to find the resources to make the UK work for you.