Interpersonal Skills Working with People

Interpersonal Skills, Working with People and Human Behaviour

Courses are based on individual coaching and teaching at your convenience and often by video conference or chat as well as support via email.

Workshops can be set up bespokely for business and corporations and at your work place and or a convenient central location and this can be discussed on request.

"The team at Think success has been so helpful in helping me with my confidence socially and in general, thanks so much!" says Helen

Using Emotional Intelligence Effectively

The course and workshop tutorial covers how to use proven success principles of emotional responses and human behaviour, so that you can predict outcomes and use emotional intelligence, which has been defined, as the capacity to be aware of, control, and express one's emotions, and to handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically whether you are a co worker, team leader, manger or simply want to guide your life forward with empowerment.

Knowing how to control difficult situations emotionally is a must in today’s complex world and global market place, with many agendas and unpredictability’s when handling new situations.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn to use control and handle others emotions, by carefully ensuring the correct outcomes using emotional intelligence, with co workers in management and in your personal life.
  • Learn to improve performance in others and get the best out of them and to maximise performance in the work place.
  • Learn to handle people with empathy and courtesy to keep relations smooth with customers and within your team and workplace.

  • Learn to handle difficult emotional situations within interpersonal relations in the workplace.
  • Learn to make fair decisions and gain possible and fair negations with employees.
  • Learn to handle and dispel dramas
  • Learn to dispel personal angst and issues in the workplace by using proven coping mechanisms.

Better Human Relations

The course and workshop tutorial covers how to  gain effective and more developed interpersonal relationship dynamics whether with spouse/partners, family members, friends, co- workers, and business associates and learn how to get ahead by using better developed human relations correctly.

Becoming the ‘best you - you can be’ and by helping those around you to understand you and you understand them. This makes for better progression at work, better relationships and understanding of what motivates other people and it can be surprising. Learning how they behave allows you to understand them better as well as their body language and micro expressions,  so you can read their behaviour more correctly whether interviewing or in co work team scenarios, when you’re working towards a goal or deadline.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn to understand yourself better and feel more fulfilled in this understanding and apply better human behavioural perception and application.
  • Learn to understand others better and why they behave the way they do and learn to maximise interpersonal relationships to gain positive outcomes and handle people effectively.
  • Learning how each interpersonal; dynamics in a relationship overlap with each and effect one another and how you can understand them to maximise better relations.

  • Progress in life and at work by understanding interpersonal behaviour dynamics and how to make them work for you.
  • Learn about behaviour and reading coordinating body language and actions to read a situation correctly.
  • Learn about human behaviour and how to read coordinating body language and actions, so you may read the situation correctly.

Influencing Skills to improve your career prospects and Management Skills

The course and workshop tutorial covers how to use your persuasion and influencing skills to allow relations to operate smoothly within the business and workplace environment. Prevention of misunderstandings with your colleagues   and avoiding miss managing or mishandling people by using skillful application.

Learn how to influence and persuade people and your employees and team leaders and avoid negative and difficult dramas wherever necessary, by using the correct people skills and persuasion By influencing people you need to feel comfortable with your decision making and ability to handle people as a work colleague or as a leader and learning time proven techniques.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn to handle people better to enhance performance and harmony in the workplace.
  • Learn to handle a smooth transition when facing change in the workplace.
  • Learn to negotiate with power and persuasion ensuring the outcome you want and motivating your staff and managers to stay on task.

  • Learn to negotiate and appease misunderstandings so they do not escalate to difficult to resolve situations.
  • Learn to use time served techniques with people that work and avoid confrontation and conflict and gain positive results.

Communication skills and handling people effectively through communication

The course and workshop tutorial covers how to use great communication, and teaches how to become clear and concise, with your presentation skills and articulation.  Whether written or oratory, this will aid you in your daily correspondence, improve your communication work skills and ability to progress. Your career choices will be broadened and your current job enhanced, as you utilise and illustrate how to handle political and administrative correspondence, this can be verbal, via text, via email, or in content online, or in hard copy published material.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn how to put together great communication, whether in hardcopy, email text or verbally so you are understood and your points actioned, delivered politically with no misunderstanding and the clear objective.
  • Learn how different institutions and people receive communication and how to adapt to this and deliver in accordance to that expectation.
  • Learn to communicate with confidence and handle difficult people skilfully and wise communication skills.

  • Learn to communicate and to deliver clear speeches and team meeting briefs. 
  • Learn to communicate clear, ‘key note’ speaking notes.
  • Learn to communicate effectively with difficult people and concisely outline expectations.
  • Learn to manipulate different formats and people and have a communication that is effective administrational tool.

Understanding Peoples behaviour using ‘synchronised Body Language Skills’

The course and workshop tutorial covers how to use perception and proven techniques used by the ‘FBI’ to identify peoples motives and thoughts, to get the best out of them, whether interviewing, working with a co-colleague, or in a management position. This skill set is very useful when ‘hiring or firing’, as you can estimate the outcomes from people as more of a known quantity.

Micro expressions stop time wasting when recruiting and can be used judicially, as you ascertain the person in front of you allowing you to use the correct people skills for that situation and person.  You can understand peoples actions as in synchronized together to become, a character and behavioural expert in the workplace.

You can use these skills in customer service and liaison and in security positions when ascertain risk. Behavioural science and body language, helps you understand the potential outcomes and risks with people in the workplace.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn people’s skills that get things done and handle people, by manoeuvring then skilfully to obtain the right outcomes.
  • Learn to disagree skilfully and deflect awkward situations.
  • Learn opening skills to interact in any situation with confidence.
  • Learn how to ‘hire and fire’ by watching people’s behaviour it’s not what they say it’s what they do that counts and how to interpret it.

  • Learn FBI proven techniques using body language and micro expression to maximise time, by gaining quick insight into people’s motives.
  • Learn to become a great character and behavioural expert and perceive correctly the outcomes.
  • Learn to give the right impression straight away with the correct body language to secure contracts and job opportunities whether moving up the corporate ladder or moving departments or jobs.
  • Learn to become a better customer liaison and handle negotiation and situations easily.
  • Learn how your body language, behaviour and micro expressions are received.

Developing an Understanding of Archetypical Behaviour and how it Influences Peoples Behaviour

The course and workshop tutorial covers how to understand archetypes and how they affect your choices and other people’s choices by their archetypical type and adopt a generalised approach to understanding the basis of their archetype you can predict outcomes of behaviour using ‘Jung’s’ basis of understanding and a modern, broader and developed system as to the people’s choice that make and what influences them via archetype.

These skills can help you to categorise and work strategies around people’s behaviour in the workplace particular in positions of responsibility and respectively understand your own.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn how people are motivated and de-motivated by their archetypical behaviour
  • Learn to help them to understand their motives and how this is interpretated in the workplace.

  • Learn to understand how these archetypical behaviours work together in group scenarios. How they overlap one another depending on type , whether they are complimentary to one other or toxic
  • Learn to present things in a way a particular archetype would take it in and appreciate the content you sharing or imparting.
  • Learn how your archetype is received and how to maximise your potential.

Understanding Personality Types and how they work for you and with others

Understand what makes peoples mental and emotional selves work, so you can understand the overlap of personality types in the workplace and learn to understand and get the best out of each other. Learn to understand why others may not understand you and learn how to get along better as a team and with fellow colleagues. We will use a simple to remember but effective time proven system so that you may use this in all areas of your life, your understanding of base personality types. We are all a productive of our environment and culture but have base behaviours, a personality that makes us tick. Find out what your sis and how it adheres to the work environment.

Management roles will benefit from this understanding to keep employees retention and employees on the right track and in a better place to perform as well together to get the best productivity.

Learning outcomes

  • Learn how to understand the inner workings of people and how the interact together
  • Learn your personality and how it’s perceived by others.
  • Learn to use your personality strengths and weakness, so you can move ahead in life and your career.
  • Learn how to co create with other personalities and get the best out of them in a work and group scenarios.

  • Learn how different personalities receive information and what motivates them.
  • Learn how personality overlap to bring a situation down and create drams as a result understand how to disperse that behaviour by personality typing
  • Learn to use a simple time proven method to type and categorise people in the workplace so it’s easy to get along with them.

Understanding Behavioural Science

The course and workshop tutorial covers how to understand social norms and demographics. Learn basic psychology and motivation, so that you can predict certain outcomes from employees and from the market place, when planning strategies as a CEO or Director.

If you simply want to understand your colleagues and their potential motives, this will aid you in harmony and career progression. This course is suited for management and above, or entrepreneurial people who need to understand a broader picture of how people behaviour in a generalised manner and why they do what they do on mass and as individuals. What influences them and why.

Human Behavioural science deals primarily with human action and often seeks to generalize about human behaviour in society and this can give you more assured outcomes when making business decisions, or plans.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn to understand human behaviour, so that you can make key decisions from a known quantity of behavioural patterns that people display.
  • Learn how people behave on mass and as individuals and what influence them.

  • Learn how demographic work to enhance marketing and business.
  • Learn basic psychology and motivation.
  • Learn the mechanics of human understanding.
  • These outcomes will advance broader decisions and allow you a deeper understanding on human behaviours and psyche.

Team building enhancement and practical creativity workshops

We offer workshops for team building development to make your team a cohesive and practical model, we can broaden the creative process and thinking within team and the ability to co create. We develop bespoke strategies and enhance decision and co working abilities through creative action. This enhances employee confidence and assured application of ideas as well as working more productively towards goals within the company.

Learning Outcome

These workshops are bespokly created and work very effectively to build cohesion within a team and develop co working abilities to think together and develop a broader vision.

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