Becoming an Entrepreneur

Are You Thinking of Becoming an Entrepreneur?

Key factors for Successful Entrepreneurship

  • Would you like to learn about your strengths and weakness and where your personality has the ‘right fit’ in business?
  • Learn how to set strategic goals that take you forward with your purpose towards successful Entrepreneurship
  • Learn to master the correct mental mindset to keep you on track
  • Learn to develop Brand identity and promotion
  • Learn to develop marketing tools through Social media
  • Learn the types of business that are the most successful and easy to set up

We offer a correspondence course that is personalised to you and this will be offered as an online internet course, personalised over video chat, over a 5 week course, this involves set up and practical use of your new business enterprise. All of which is supplemented by homework assignments and online or email hand outs and they are sent back to me to evaluate and see how you have understood the relevant aspects. We will, 'plan the work and work the plan':

To make the desires below work, we need to have a structure through our Business and Mentoring Platform we taught these principles for over 10 years with many famous and affluent trend setters and influencers and know to make this work.

 The cost over a five week course would be £150 @ £30 (various payment options available) a session personalised to you and your value and great value to lift your dream into a realisation.

With Certification

  • The First steps will be evaluating your strengths and weaknesses and your marketing, promotion and structured abilities to carry your Entrepreneurship forward.
  • Next Goals and setting the scene, timelines and deadlines using a breakdown of short term, mid and long term goals through a proven strategy and proven reward system.

  • We will be working with affirmations and keeping the belief enforcing your strategy; just like the A-listers and Celebs and honing the correct success mindset and principles which is not raw enthusiasm or just bloody mindedness by using Success Principles and strategy. We will be touching on the laws of success that pretty much all successful people in every field of endeavour use. Such as Business and Influencers, Strategists, Sportspeople, Artists in all fields, whether its beauty or counselling or simply a great and innovative idea.
  • Next what products, sales angles, benefits, encompassing you into your brand. How you can boost marketing and sales using up to date proven methods. Use ideas and influencers to move your brand along.

  • Next would be setting a basic platform in place to set up using, media and social media correctly interlinking success to success which is a formula in itself. You being the lifestyle influencer which will then be a stylist and trend based creative project. Encompassing the impact on what difference and emphasis of leaving the legacy and how to.
  • Further strategies may need to take place and these would be detailed bespoke and marketing led as well as development on the brand.

  • We will set up your business strategy and plan so you may embark on your success as an Entrepreneur

 Your desire: This will be clarified in detail and outlined.

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What would you like to know more about?

Suggested next course - The Laws of Leadership and how they work for you and your development and setting the pace and endorsing your brand and business.

Suggested next course - Intimate body language, to understand your interrelation and micro expressions and proven techniques. These are used by FBI specialists and understanding this will attune you to your client and their needs.

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