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Think Success - Why Train with Us?

We  at Think Success offer you unparalleled training  and are here to help you to develop your skills in the work place and increase your chances of success, whether climbing the corporate ladder, or as a manger, team leader, or simply enhancing your abilities and knowledge in your life and at work.

We live in an ever changing world and one of fast paced change, so keeping up with these dynamic changes in the work place and in your personal life is imperative to keep ahead of your career whether as a Manager, team leader, C.E.O. owner, partner or as an employee.

"Thanks so much for your help gaining confidence in my new managerial role" says Scott

These transferable and updateable skills are needed whether you’re enhancing your abilities and knowledge in your life so that you are able to enhance opportunities and knowledge. Knowledge is a powerful factor that empowers people to achieve greater and more effective results in life.

"I've benefited so much from working with Think Success, I feel much more confident and happy in my work environment and with my work colleagues and my boss" says John

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Business and personal development in specific areas of expertise in the work place are needed very fundamentally, so you are on top of and often times ahead of your industry requirements. This mean to you that you at the peak of and often times ahead of your industry requirements.

So continued professional development is a must in these current economic times to move up the ladder of success and keep up in the work place and at the forefront of your industry sector.

In order to manipulate and chart your course in this economic and diverse climate, you will need to develop interpersonal and leadership skills at whatever level of understanding  you are starting at, within your chosen career and we make it simple for you to understand and apply our modular training courses at your pace and learning style.

"The team at Think success has been so helpful in helping me with my confidence socially and in general, thanks so much!" says Helen

 As an extra bonus, we offer taster sessions at a reduced cost for one hour, so we can discuss and take you through which course suits you, or through a chosen preference  and discuss your learning requirements before you ever partake in any of courses and this will ensure you of a first-rate outcome.

"Big thanks to think success for all the help with relationship counselling and and my partner are much happier!" says Claire

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For business and Corporate clients looking to book workshops we offer a ‘free’ consultation to ascertain your requirements as we can adapt our courses to suit your requirements as a business and bespokly adapt to the areas that need strengthening or explaining so that your employees are affective and productive in the workplace ensuring continued success for your company.

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We offer our services as Corporate and Inspirational Speakers whether you are looking to hire a powerful public speaker but don’t know where to begin? Whether it’s a product launch, conference, fundraiser, corporate event, whether you need a presenter or speaker to captivate your audience.

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"Would defo recommend Think Success, they've been such a big help with stress management and getting organised and I'm doing much better in my job, thanks guys" says Andre

How you will benefit from a Course with us:

  • We offer bespoke and individualised online courses for you, with learning out comes and certification.
  • We have years of experience under our belt as tutors in the business and Interpersonal and bespoke training needs.
  • With many years experience in teaching and coaching workshops. We are very practiced at developing people to their best potential.
  • We also appreciate that you benefit from learning at your pace, with your level of understanding and in bite size pieces. This allows  you to pace this training, around your life schedule and abilities.

  • We can take you from where you are now, to where you want to be, by teaching you time served techniques that work and more importantly work for you.
  • These courses have practical outcomes and are based around gaining results and by you being able to take them forward as transferable skills, wherever you may be taken in your career.
  • These courses have certification on completion, as well as feedback as you move through your modules, so you can measure progress effectively.
  • All courses are offered at a taster session of 1 hour at reduced bonus rate.

"Thanks so much Think Success team for your help with goal setting and stopping procrastinating, It's made a big difference in my personal and professional life" says Anna

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Let us be YOUR Guide in Life.

"Think Success has been so helpful with my struggle with body image! Thanks so much team :)" says Leah

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Key benefits to you Simplified:

  • Career Progression.
  • Personal Development.
  • Better Interpersonal and effective handling of people.
  • Empowerment and Confidence in your decisions.
  • Better Management and Leadership skills.
  • Ability to stay ahead of your Industry sector and your competition in business.
  • Smarter applied working techniques to keep you on point and efficient.

  • Clearer thinking under pressure and superior decision making.
  • Priorities and Time management skills, to manage workloads and deadlines.
  • Coping with change in an ever changing work landscape, by sing methods that work for you.
  • Presentation skills for effective communication and delivery of understanding to your employees and or clients or consumers.
  • Clear communication skills in multiple formats for politically correct and clear delivery.
  • Handling and dealing with difficult people and understand how to minimise ‘dramas’ in the work place

  • Handling, Influencing and using effective people skills to obtain the correct outcomes.
  • Understanding your personality and how you work with others and how they work with you. Understand how others interact and perceive the world and it’s often not the way you may suspect.
  • Learn the skills needed to effectively hire and handle human resource management.
  • Understand how to master networking and securing business and how to use effective negotiation.
  • Manage and motivate people successfully.
  • Dealing with difficult staff and their demands and use proven techniques to gain positive outcomes.
  • How to handle the work overload and stay in control.

  • Develop effective business development skills and marketing know how.
  • Manage and handle stress and understand how to gain the balance of your workload and gain productivity.
  • Gain entrepreneurial skills, commercial aptitude and negotiations as well as business development.

"Think Success have been so helpful with my ability in the area of public speaking and working with my team in work! Thanks guys" says Jed


Why work with Us

Simply, because we have the knowledge, competence and ability to help you to develop in  the areas of your chosen career or work based field, either personally or as a corporation to enhance your skill set, or your workforce and bring it all to the summit   of where it can be, ensuring better success for you, your career, or business.

You will learn via blended learning, which means you can study wherever and whenever you like, whilst still benefiting from a structured program to keep you on track.

Please note, if you are a company we can teach a class or workshop in a structured manner ensuring time productivity, so all will gain in group assembly.

When you enrol, you will be assigned a personal tutor, who will be your main point of contact during your course; available online, via phone and email or online. You will be offered additional resources where needed and support material is also obtainable.

We operate a ‘self-test’ questions system for each lesson and module assignment for you to complete as you go and check your progress. We will revisit weak areas where needed so comprehension of the topic is understood fully. 

You may enter at Entry level, Intermediary or Skilled and this will be assessed on an initial taster session.

When you are ready to begin your assignments, you can have back up in the form of comprehensive instructions and useful tips from your tutor with visual demonstrations if needed for comprehension. Your work will be marked and assessed and feedback given via email.

Youth Enhancement Project – A Track to Run on

We offer a Youth Enhancement Project as Inspirational coaching programme designed to offer Young people a track to run on as well as inspiration and useable resources to put them on their or your career path and open their or your entrepreneurial and work ready abilities.

We will ensure a track to run on and the inspiration to keep going.

Bespoke coaching on a ‘one on one, ‘and for charitable work groups - rates negotiable.

*Individual Taster course induction £30

The costs are tailored to match your needs, schedule and budget, weekly and monthly courses available, coursework and personal tutoring; we offer an installment plan where appropriate and at our discretion.

"Thanks so much think success team for your help with stress management, you've been so helpful!" says Lewis

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These are bespokly developed around your business needs in all areas that need enhancing in your business and in the development of interpersonal skills for staff and customer service, as well as management skills to improve productivity and your business becoming a more profitable and efficient.

Corporate and Business workshops are run with clear instruction and well formulated, with practical tutorship in the specialist areas, so your work force and staffing will gain the maximum benefit  with many years experience in teaching and coaching workshops and also in developing people to their best potential, so that they may function at an optimal level of performance making great team players and better employees.

These workshops bring team leaders and management an understanding they can apply to their work practice and a people skill application and also the use of understanding of ‘people types’ that can increase their staffing effectiveness and their own potential and business productivity.  

Acquiring advanced people skills knowledge will benefit management and team leaders in handling their jobs and teams more effectively.

We offer workshops whether small or large and we work to your budget and requirements as a business, to make your business run smoothly and effectively keeping you ahead of the game.

We offer a free initial consultation to ascertain your needs as a business model and would be happy to chat about your requirements please enquire to find out more CONTACT US

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Leadership, Team Management

and Personal development

Team work and Making the Team work Understanding your personality type your Weaknesses and Strengths, so you can manage your workload and your team better whether you’re a team leader/supervisor/or Manager

Empowerment Training for Leaders by using assertive and confident decision making procedures which are time proven.Learn how to assert and make confident and correct decisions and gain respect from your team. This will lead you towards better career opportunities making your management role easier as you provide a strong structure of empowerment within your team.

Leadership skills in effective team meetings and group discussions by using the tools to guide and lead a group down a path of mutual discovery and whilst gaining input from them that aids the productivity of your meeting.Better ideas and synergy work as the saying goes ‘two heads are better than one’ gives more performance and enhance the strategies for your career role and your leadership qualities that you offer in a team meeting or discussion scenario.

Manage your manager or Boss by using strategies to work together toward a mission or common goal and how to get along with pressure or difference of opinion with your manager or boss. Handle personality clashes and put your point over concisely when time is limited. Use your resources in man management by using strengths of you manager or boss to enhance your input and your career progression by using your understanding of personality and position carefully.

Leadership Laws and how they work for you by understanding what they are and how to use them effectively to be the leader of your team or your company and lead it into the forefront of today’s industry and commerce led world.

Entrepreneurship and You by understanding the basics of how business by using the basics of business set up and strategy from inception to marketability through to successful delivery of your service or idea. Using tools and resources to become a branded produced in the internet age and effectively become set up using known resources for investment, knowledge and by using social media and commercial awareness effectively.

Captivating Presentations by using charismatic and time proven presentation techniques that captivate an audience learn to enthral and tell a great story and get your audience to remember the points discussed leading to productive outcomes and confident presentations that work ever time.



Using Emotional Intelligence by using proven success principles of emotional responses that work by improving your performance and motivation, using emotional intelligence which has been defined, as the capacity to be aware of, control, and express one's emotions, and to handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically whether you are a co worker, team leader, manger or simply want to guide your life forward with empowerment.

Better Human Relations by gaining effective and more developed interpersonal relationship dynamics with spouse/partners, family members, friends, co- workers, and business associates and learn how to get ahead by using better developed human relations correctly. Becoming the best you - you can be and helping those around you to understand you and you understand them.

Influencing Skills to improve your career prospects and Management Skills by using your persuasion and influencing skills to gain the attention and allow relations to operate smoothly within the business and workplace environment.
Prevent misunderstanding and difficulties and avoid dramas wherever necessary by using the correct people skills and persuasion and influencing so people feel comfortable with your decision making as a work colleague or as a leader.

Communication skills and handling difficult people easily with confidence by using great communication, and it be clear and concise presentation skills and articulation whether written or oratory. Use communication to handle difficult people with clear expectations and outlines to their expectations.

Understanding People Skills in conjunction with Body Language and Micro expressions by using perception and proven techniques used by the FBI to indentify peoples motives and thoughts to get the best out of them. This skill set is very useful when hiring or firing as you can estimate the outcomes from people as a known quantity. Micro expressions stop time wasting when recruiting and can be used judicially as you ascertain the person in front of you allowing you to use the correct people skills for that situation and person and become a character and behavioural expert in the workplace.



Goals and Time Planning

Effective Goal planning and strategies to get what you want by using systems that suit you, to set goals and achieve them by given yourself time lines that you hit and rewards as you goals set effectively all this by using time served and proven strategies to a actualise your goals.

Enhancing Motivation and Passion without burning out, by using techniques, to motivate you and your team, which work daily to keep productivity on track for you and your colleagues and or team members. Learn how ‘not’ to burn out on the job but to keep the ignition light alive. Learn to love your workplace job and the people within it.

Creativity, Imagination and better work input by using creative and right brain thinking and then combing your left brain logical thinking to enhance your creative flow whether marketing, producing a new product or simply reinventing aspects of your business.

Handling Stress and Work overload effectively by using the correct ways to handle stress, break down problems effectively, and learn to time manager and delegate effectively enhancing your work life.
Learn techniques to manage your workload without feeling overwhelmed using proven time served techniques. Know your rights to stop this progressing to illness and fatigue and learn to maximise and even enjoy the challenges presented.

Balancing work and Your Personal Life by using priorities’ and proven techniques that allows balance and harmony with your family, your work and making them work effectively together, using enhancement tools that improve your life as a whole and organisation skills that work to run a busy life and busy schedule.

Smart thinking and creative thinking by using creative and different thinking styles to find answers to problems you’re facing in the workplace by using creative and different thinking styles to produce different answers to difficult problems. How to access the imagination and creative thinking realm and think outside the box with lateral thinking to allow more into your life and work scenario.

Building Confidence

Self-worth and Self Esteem

Building Blocks to Confidence fulfillment

Would you like to feel less anxious?

Would you like to feel you have control?

Would you like to kick addictions?

Would you like to overcome your fears?

Would you like to believe in yourself?

How to build inner confidence

How to have control and feel comfortable in any situation

How to be in control of your emotions and direct them

How to build belief, self-worth and self esteem easily

Becoming an


Key factors for Successful Entrepreneurship

Would you like to learn about your strengths and weakness and where your personality has the ‘right fit’ in business?

Learn how to set strategic goals that take you forward with your purpose towards successful Entrepreneurship

Learn to master the correct mental mindset to keep you on track

Learn to develop Brand identity and promotion

Learn to develop marketing tools through Social media

Learn the types of business that are the most successful and easy to set up

Relationship Rules

that work for YOU
Cornerstones for Relationship Success

How to find happiness in your relationship

Understanding between each other

Deepened commitment

Working together towards fulfilment

Do you want to find out how not to destroy a relationship? And what volition of rules destroys a relationship?

Smart Relationship Rules? Do you want to know the Relationship Rules that Work?

Our Goals and Mission

We aspire to help you develop different learning methods in your own time and pace and in bite size pieces so you can learn, digest and apply we offer online and real time video calls to tutor you, training workshops, conference session for corporate and inspirational coach, one on one sessions bespoke to your requirements and conference session teaching bespoke professional development.

These courses which are offered as so many hourly sessions, day courses and hourly modular courses if online are designed to enhance broaden and take your skills and abilities in the professional field up to the next tier opening up better opportunities for progression so thus being proactive not reactive in the ever changing commercial and business world.

We offer support to vocational and skills based practical learning which is illustrated in our teaching simply so you may understand and apply it. It is now regarded as necessary to have a continuous progression of development to keep key staff in place in your organisation to develop their skills in accordance to current market expectations and this will allow business to stay ahead of the competition and up skill and upgrade their skill set.

We offer a Youth Enhancement Project as Inspirational coaching to keep them on the right track uplift and put them on the career path or open their entrepreneurial abilities.

Our Mission is to make at easy as possible to up skill, stay on track with professional necessary vocational skills and deliver them in an easy and comprehensive manner in which it may be received.

What we offer You

Course Content offered in Training Courses either online home study and bespokly for you, or in modulated hourly and or monthly courses, or in Corporate Training workshops designed around the corporations needs.

We offer Leadership and Team Building Training for management, team leaders and newly appointed leaders in industry sector. We offer courses to enhance performance of employees; better negotiation skills, how to handle difficult staff and customers effectively and training and presentation skills as well as much more t enhance you and your company’s performance.

We offer Personal effectiveness’ training to develop your transferable skill such as assertiveness and confidence in decision making or in Emotional intelligence. We also offer understanding your personality and the dynamics of others within your work situation, so you may have effective communication which then leads to effective communication skills. We offer stress management and time and workload management in the work place and much more to develop your skills or up skill your abilities for better career opportunities...

Interpersonal Skills we offer influencing and confidence skills, smarter thinking, understanding personality and the right fit of work for you, how to deal with change and how to develop your personal self for maximum impact and how to stay motivated and passionate without ‘burning out’ and much more...

Working with Think Success has brought our business forwards and to the forefront of our industry and ahead of other competitors by advancing staff knowledge and performance a big thank you.

D Pierce

I was skeptical of enlisting and starting up with Think Success and had to have a free initial module before taken it further but glad I did and know feel I can handle pressure and unknown outcomes better than before. Would recommend this course to those who feel overwhelmed at work.

J Anderson

1) You can grow as a person, develop your knowledge base and improve yourself for the better.

2) Learning something new gets us access to new and different opportunities and the chance to try new experiences that might be the best ones you have ever tried!

3) You could potentially earn more money in your work life from learning a new and appropriate skill or by developing one that links to the work you do. You’ll rejuvenate your working life and get so much more from it.

4) Developing a new skill will influence the way you do things day to day and they will make doing things quicker and easier, saving time, energy and stress.

5) Learning across our lives is essential for staying up to date in an ever-changing world. If we stop learning things, we can stagnate and actually move backwards, especially in our professional lives.

6) Learning new things is very important for our self-esteem. Learning something new keeps brain cells active and allows us to succeed at something new, allowing us to give ourselves a big pat on the back!

7) Trying anything different ensures you meet new people, some of whom will have similar interests to you and be interested in some of the same things. You could make new friends and really enhance your social or work life.

Think Success owns copyright on all media and coursework written expressly by Think Success and any unlawful copying of these works will be taken up as legal action against the party.